Kushlas By Sanaer
What's in a name? Welcome to the website of Sanaer Jewellery Creations. We are a London based jewellers who both design and make bespoke Kushla rings, pendants, bangles and cuff-links, in silver, gold and platinum.  At the heart of all Kushla pieces, is the name of your loved ones, and it is the names of your loved ones that, in essence, becomes the actual design of the piece. Kushla rings are unique, distinctive and original and no two pieces can be cut the same, so each piece becomes a one-off original. No other jeweller is making such a personal item of jewellery. Kushla rings come in all shapes and sizes, hopefully there will be one to suit you. Dramatic and eye-catching and made with you in mind. The font in which all Kushla rings are cut is my very own font, cutting edge and extrovert, yet it can also be tamed to be more laid-back with an overall softer edge. Each ring can be tailored to the wearer's preference. Sizes and thicknesses of rings can also be tailored. Jewellery, along with letters and photographs, are very sentimental to families, as the decades pass. So to have a piece of jewellery, which has the names of partners or children on, will prove to be a genuine piece of family history. Handed down through the generations........Keepsakes forever. Your loved ones wrapped around your finger, an unbroken circle, in which the names follow each other around continuously. All Kushla rings are unisex and for all occasions.