Kushla Oyster Pendants by Sanaer
Kushla Oyster pendants are round circles of precious metal in which loved ones names are cut out all the way around the circle. The circles are then bordered with circles of round precious metal on the outside and on the inside. This is then hung on a light silver 18 inch chain. Instead of a name or names, key feel-good words can be used around the pendant to sum up your personality. Also phrases such as `love me tender`, `guided by angels` and `my sacred heart` can be cut also. Below are a list of words that can be cut also. Heavenly Rapture Sinful Graceful Ecstasy Delicious Luscious Hope Devoted Saint Glory Believe Enigma Envy Imagine Honesty Vogue Eternal Spirit Sincere Glorious Gospel Honour Divine Jealous Liberty Mercy Mystical Infamous Precious Beloved Pride Promise Radiate Rebel Dreamer Sacrifice Serenity Sensual Femme Honey Vivacious Diva Spellbound Soul Psychic Lust Wish Wild Vamp Up to 16 letters can be cut out on these pendants.
Silver with 9ct Yellow Circles - 260
 Silver with Red 9ct Gold Circles - 260 9ct Yellow Gold with Silver Circles - 210 Red 9ct Gold with Silver Circles - 260 All Silver - 180